Sara Cooley Photography is a woman-led business built alongside her husband. Together they are a dynamic husband and wife team who specializes in elegant wedding & lifestyle videography and photography for Kentucky and the surrounding areas. While Sara is the dreamer and leading the brand of the business, Casey also plays a pivotal role as a mover and shaker both behind & on the scenes. Together they marry perfectly old world romanticism and classic femininity that speaks on behalf of all of their couples. While you will be working 1:1 with Sara to prepare for your wedding, Casey is working hard to make sure the logistics are running smoothly and efficiently.

Our Story

This journey began the very moment our lives collided. We are college sweethearts who met one faithful day in communications class. After a few serendipitous moments of continually meeting one another, Casey took a leap of faith and asked Sara on a date. The rest is history.

As they began to realize they were destined to spend the rest of their lives together, one thing was certain – they longed to be storytellers. One way or another they would use their passions, (his– videography and hers– photography) to work together and invest in the lives of others. With a natural progression into the luxury wedding industry they have now found themselves in the most darling small town of Versailles, KY investing into their local community and have become the local go-to professional wedding photographer.

get to know sara

I believe in old classic charm, a home full of hardbound books and always, uplifting conversations shared with an enchanting cup of coffee.

Small town charm is a way of life.


Romanticizing life is my natural born talent. I believe anything can be a little sweeter.


Sharing a heartfelt conversation with my husband over a cup of coffee at a local brunch cafe is my favorite pastime.


I love fashion. If I didn’t own my own photography business, in a dream world I would own a boutique filled with timeless hand-sewn mother-daughter dresses.


My bucket list is to visit as many woman-owned boutique storefronts as possible.


Elegance & grace truly stands the test of time.


A satin gown and a pearl bracelet will never go out of style.


It is my greatest joy to work with you and be part of the local professional community in the wedding industry.

After the COVID-19 pandemic unraveled our original plans for a spring wedding, they lovingly helped us restructure and reschedule everything for a late summer ceremony. When that fell apart, they came together with us over pizza and drinks to get to the bottom of what our hearts desired. “If you could do anything,” Sara encouraged. We took a breath and told Sara and Casey what we were dreaming of amidst all of the chaos and uncertainty of the year: erasing everything we thought we should do for our wedding and choosing to celebrate our incredible love for one another. Without hesitation, they were all in. We planned an elopement in our home town of Lexington, Kentucky and then whisked ourselves away to Portland and the coast of Oregon, to read love letters to one another and sink our toes into the Pacific. Planning everything with Sara and Casey was like planning a weekend trip with two close friends, and it made us so giddy and full of butterflies for our wedding day.

Kerri & David